Home Decorative And Smart Storage With Woven Floppy Baskets

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We often have too many things in our houses and not enough storage space to store them. Living spaces that are properly organized not only make our homes more pleasant, but they also make our lives easier. To ensure that all the items that you use every day are tidy and kept in an accessible place, it is a good idea to purchase some storage baskets.

Baskets can be used for many purposes and placed in many locations in the home. You can also use beautiful baskets to store things at the office. Have yourself some baskets to make simple, low-budget solutions for better organization and utilization of the space.

We are here to give you a dose of inspiration with decorative wicker storage. Check out below, and see what we’ve got for you!

1. Loven Seagrass Basket 

Weaving storage baskets can vary widely in price, but there are many inexpensive options for you. This one is made from seagrass with a soft texture. Crafted with an open weave design and sturdy handle, it allows airflow around the items, preventing items from getting moldy.

Loven Seagrass Basket gives you a cozy feel while the basket rim with continuous weave makes it more sturdy and visual detail. The seagrass basket can be used for various things, including to hold toys, throws, or even turn it into a plant pot cover. Loven baskets of medium size are functional home accessories, appropriate for displaying on counters, under tables, or in hallways.


2. Seagrass Floppy Basket – Set of 2

If you are looking to invest in a decorative storage basket, this beautiful set of Seagrass Floppy Baskets is highly recommended. The exquisite handmade baskets are just gorgeous in their simplicity. The roomy size – 12 inches in height and 10 inches wide – let you utilize it in many ways. 

Seagrass baskets themselves just look cool, functioning as both decor and double storage, whether for toys or beddings. They can hold your blankets, pillowcases, or sofa cushions neatly stacked everything inside while giving an aesthetic appearance. 


Floppy Basket is well made and tightly woven from natural seagrass, which makes it a durable and eco-friendly product. Natural-made products are safe for children and pets, there’s no need to worry when having these items indoors. 

What an amazing item for your home! It’s definitely worth the money you pay. Only $40 dollar for a set of 2 baskets, what more to consider? Quickly grasp one set for your own. 

3. Bonny Floppy Baskets – Set of 3

Bonny Floppy Baskets set is one of Tonkin Handicraft’s best sellers among all kinds of decor wicker baskets. Featuring open weaving techniques, Bonny Baskets give your interior an airy and rustic look. The set is available with two designs, giving you the choice of baskets either with or without handles depending on your needs. 


Being made from seagrass, it doubles not only as storage but is also fantastic for decor and in-house settings. Its soothing design makes it one of the best options for minimalist style. The neutral tones of seagrass will work for any decor themes, apply to any corner from bedrooms, kitchen to the living room. 

With just small and basic items like this Bonny Basket, the whole space will glow with new life, decorating your house in a warm and inviting manner.  

4. Wall Hanging Floppy Basket – Set of 2

Go boho with these Wall-Hanging Floppy Baskets. Still being a seagrass-made product, the piece with large dimensions is versatile for storing a jumble of toys, piles of bedding, or even potted houseplants. As can be hung on the wall, it will not take up much space and will bring comfort and order with it.

The Hanging Seagrass Basket is great for both indoors and outdoors. It is suitable whether you hang it in the kitchen or hallway, rounding up and containing items of various shapes and sizes. 


Another suggestion is to keep magazines and books in these baskets. By arranging your books this way, you’ll create an eye-catching wall display and create a more artistic look.

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