Decorative Mirror Ideas To Stagger Your Home

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Using mirrors for home decoration is very popular because of their magical abilities. Mirrors can serve as a focal point for wall decoration while adding brightness and making small rooms appear larger.

Although square and rectangular mirrors are the most popular, you do not have to stick with them. Try different mirror styles for each room to suit your décor. Rattan mirrors in amazing designs will create intriguing uniqueness in your interior.

Check out the following 6 decorative mirrors that stun your home in this article. You will find inspiration for your home decor in these ideas.

1. Floral White Round Rattan Mirror

Add some tropical flair to your home with this beautiful piece of Floral Rattan Mirror. Each flower petal is carefully crafted from rattan, surrounding a round mirror with a hook on the back to hang. This mirror is an ideal accent for vanity or chest of drawers in a stylish yet casual design. 

White Floral Mirror is a true statement piece when it comes to wall decoration. The two rows of layered petals add such texture to the monotonous wall and stand out as a standalone wall accent.


2. DON Sunflower Rattan Mirror

Another mirror option for boho flower theme lovers is DON Sunflower Rattan Mirror. Featuring mustard yellow color arabesque frames and a large round mirror in the center, this item is perfectly suited to the vintage vibes of farmhouse space. You’ll be amazed at how stunning it looks when paired with other furniture.

The sophisticated design of this mirror will make a unique twist on plain walls. Hang it up to let it shine and brighten up your space.  


3. Light Brown Sunburst Mirror

A sunshine mirror with delicate golden rays can make an impressive addition to any room. Owning one of these pieces is like having the sun rays shining all over your home. Rattan sunburst mirrors add positive energy and warmth to any space they are hung in.

Designed to resemble a shining sun, Light Brown Sunburst Mirror captures the feel of glamor, an ideal element for earthy style. You can use it in any room of your house. The piece complements just about any decor.   


4. Eye-Shaped Round Mirror

Instead of displaying galleries for wall decoration, try this Eye Rattan Round Mirror as a piece of wall art. Round mirror framed by a bulky wooden eye-shaped frame offers an eye-catching look and adds a touch of drama to space. Its modern style is an excellent highlight, and it makes a nice little addition to the space.

Serving well as a practical object, mirrors can also help make rooms appear more spacious and inviting than they actually are. Mix and match other wall decor items with this rattan eye-shaped mirror to enhance the room’s overall look.  


5. Apple Brown Rattan Mirror

While round wall mirrors are versatile pieces of ornament, why not choose a mirror set with an eye-catching frame? Apple Brown Mirror makes a great addition to any rustic vignette, adding glare and a light-reflecting focal point. Solid but elegant designs make it suitable for any home decor and balance out compositions with other geometric elements

The soft curves of the apple-shaped mirror add softness and elegance, a better fit than square and rectangular items. Moreover, its natural brown color blends well with various design concepts.


6. Teddy Bear/Bunny White Woven Mirror

To make a focal point for the room, you can add a wall-hanging mirror. Mirrors with cute shapes like Teddy Bear or Bunny Rattan Mirror would be the best complementary accessories, especially suitable for nursery or lovely decoration.  

With a white rattan frame, these lovely framed mirrors will brighten up any wall, amplifying the beauty of the whole space. Making use of these rattan weaving mirrors, even the simplest minimalist room can look stylish.

Handwoven rattan mirrors can be used together with other ornaments in the decor to create a theme wall.


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