Amazing Straw Seagrass Lampshade For Peaceful Ambience

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If you are a big fan of home interior design, lighting decor should be one of your top priorities. It’s vital that you choose lighting that sets the right mood for your home. A nice set of lampshades will provide a very pleasing aesthetic effect. However, it seems to be a challenge to find lampshades that blend beautifully into your homestyle, especially if it’s bohemian in style. 

Don’t take it hard. You’ve found the right article.

In the following, we have come up with amazing Seagrass Lampshade ideas for you.

Why seagrass?

Seagrass is a natural fiber – a green option that is widely used for interior decor. This material is famous for its lightweight and durability. Products made of seagrass are nonabsorbent, stain-resistant, and even dirt can be brushed off easily. This makes seagrass a great alternative to other materials like plastics or steel.


In addition to being a green material, the neutral yellow color of seagrass perfectly complements any decor style. Home spaces are brought to life with natural textures, bringing a homely and cozy feeling to any corner.

See how beautiful seagrass lampshades are by checking out these items.

1. BEO Round Seagrass Lampshade

BEO Seagrass Handwoven Lampshade has clean simplicity of Scandinavian design meets the airy look of an open-weave pendant. Beautifully woven from rattan, it adds the perfect dose of artistry and texture to the room. The woven material gives a warm, welcoming glow and casts decorative light patterns in the room. Each lamp is handmade and unique.

The BEO Lampshade is applicable to every corner of the house such as the corridor, children’s room, bathroom, etc. The seagrass pendant lamp with a classic design gives a soft glowing light and provides directed and general light, which is great for brightening up your dining table. Use an opal light bulb if you have an ordinary lamp shade or lamp and want an even, diffused distribution of light.


2. Handwoven Bell Seagrass Shade

This lampshade is specially designed with a bell shape and a combination of plain weave and open weave. Light flow over open weaving patterns will provide adequate lighting for your room and beautifully illuminate it. Indoors or out, the lampshade creates a noticeable statement wherever it is installed.

By using ceiling-mounted lighting you can utilize extra floor space and give you easy access to bed, drawers, cabinets, or closets. For additional lighting, a cluster of pendant lights can work well. Higher hanging lamps provide a wider light source, while lower ones provide a soft glow, ideal for your bedroom. 


With a simple design, Bell Seagrass Lampshade is a versatile decor piece for any space. Also, the handwoven pendant lamps make excellent party decorations. Line them up for elegant rustic-themed events to create a bohemian vibe for your parties.

3. Weaving Dome Seagrass Pendant Lamp

Seagrass Dome Pendant Lamp is a great choice for your lighting. Natural yellow color and texture of the woven lampshade also warm up the cooler tones. Hanging a few pieces of this dome-shaped in the living room. A combination of seagrass pendant lights creates a rustic ambiance that any bohemian room needs. 

Keep the lamp base neutral to make the lampshade work best. By providing soft flow, the shades will enhance the sense of comfort in your rooms and create relaxation.


4. Round Seagrass Moroccan Lampshade

You want to find a lampshade decor piece for bedside lighting? This Round Moroccan Seagrass Lampshade is made for you.

Unlike other pendant lights, the conical design inspired by Moroccan style is what makes this lamp shade special. Handwoven from seagrass fiber, the item has an elegant appearance, emphasized by the delicate seagrass tassel at the bottom. All these amazing patterns will add a layer of visual interest, create a sense of peace in your home.


Hanging the lampshade on the two sides of your bedroom surely makes an impressive effect. The soft rosy flame from your bedside lamps assures you just adequate light for your good sleep.

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