Fell in love with handicrafts, we have made and would like to bring more items which are designed carefully and serve habit and needs of customers. All of our products are original and made from Northern Vietnam

Our products are woven in the traditional village in the North of Vietnam by Skilled Artisans who have known their craft and woven for 20 years. They know that the key to great wicker is great weaving. Weaves use steel frames to give their creations shape. The fibers are braided and woven around the frame for product. Finally, finished products will have a thick, durable braid that is strong and durable with smooth finish after burning and solved by fire.


Operating for over 4 years


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Customer rating on Etsy

“Highest quality items, using heritage techniques.”

Hong Nguyen – Artisan at Tonkin

Tonkin Handicraft is a collection of home goods and decor inspired natural forms, simplicity and traditional craft from Northern Vietnam. All of our products are made by hand from local artisans, then become part of your life story, forming an intimacy between you and your belongings, to cherish and keep in your home.

– Tonkin Handicraft

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