5 Wicker Storage Hamper Basket For Vintage Decor In Your Home

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Create a classic, stylish yet rustic, and sophisticated environment by using vintage items in your own home. Let’s check it out together!

“Vintage” brings a very special quiet note – a style that is formal but not too extravagant, still stylish but not too flashy. Once you’ve been captivated by this style, you’ll realize there’s no other beauty that compares to it.

With vintage decor style, not only can you decorate your home with furniture, lights, carpets, vases, and paintings, but you can also bring baskets and boxes into your interior space. This can be considered as one of the most effective ways of interior decoration while being affordable. Use decorative baskets and boxes to meet both high aesthetics and convenience.

In this article, we will look at the Top 5 most favorite vintage decorative hamper baskets.

1. Laundry Dan Basket With Handle

Among all home decorations, baskets are by far believed to be the most practical. Basket home organizers are generally inexpensive and fantastic for organizing your entire home. A pair of these will enhance the look of any room so much better than any other type of furniture.

Many people love using storage baskets for lots of things around the house. If you need extra storage for your linens, using a large size laundry basket is the perfect solution. Smart storage with wicker baskets holding pillows, towels, blankets as well as making it a sort of decoration. 


Laundry Dan Basket is designed with a solid structure and two handles sort of seamlessly integrated into the shape. It is durable and lasts for a lifetime. You can select from two kinds of color combinations for the basket with arrow patterns. A black and white handmade hamper would go well with a neutral interior design theme while a colorful one would brighten any corner. This modern laundry basket can be used in the living room, bathroom or bedroom without exception.

2. Diamond Handled Basket With Lid

Being one of our Top Selling storage baskets, the Diamond Handled Basket has a classic design and natural tones with a delicate pattern, which is handwoven by local artisans in Vietnam. It is the best choice for not only containing your laundry but also keeping it out of sight as well. Having a spacious design, wicker basket with lid keeps everything nice and organized and adds a lot of glamor to your little space.


The natural color of the decorative hamper is very attractive and will fit in with most rooms in your house. A handy basket like this can be placed in various corners for both storage and decoration. What a wonderful addition to any home!


3. White Woven Hamper With Lid

Similar in design, White Woven Hamper is a mono-colored version of the Diamond Handled Basket mentioned above. Despite being fairly simple and not too colorful, the basket will evoke an air of rustic elegance.  The classic pattern can be easily matched to your own style and can add texture to any room.

Especially if your bathroom lacks cabinet space, finding a spot to store clean towels? Your bathroom will look perfect if you add a basket to hold all of your towels.


4. Conical Wicker Storage Basket

Conical Wicker Storage Basket is different from other storage baskets and hampers. The conical shape makes it easy to maintain and collect clutter around the house as well as take them out when necessary. This versatile container is perfect for containing the stuff of everyday life.


In addition to storing items, you can turn this wicker basket into a tree planter. Dress up your indoor plants to match your interior decor! Take a fiddle-leaf fig or any potted plant and put it inside the basket. It will work perfectly as a plant pot cover if you want to bring some greenery into your home. The strong handles on the basket make it easy to move and pull the plant out when necessary.


5. Vintage Jute Striped Basket – Set of 3

Coordinated with any boho and vintage decor style, Vintage Jute Striped Basket can be used as a home accessory in addition to a storage container. Using a wicker basket for linens or throws is a common practice, but you can also think about using one to store wood in your fireplace. A vintage design suits rustic decor, while a firm structure keeps firewood in good condition. This keeps the wood close at hand and held off the floor.


The set of Jute Baskets comes in 3 different sizes, which are designed to serve a wide range of utilization. The large and spacious baskets can hold all those bits and pieces you don’t have time to put back in their proper places. While adding extra texture and warmth, a few baskets really help to cozy up this spot.

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